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Personal designs & tailored alterations

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Wedding Dresses

With the ever increasing number of people purchasing their wedding day garments over the internet from countries around the world it is often the case that the items do not fit perfectly and will therefore need tailoring to become truly flattering. We can offer the personal and affordable solution you require by altering your garment to fit without having to spend a fortune doing so.

We can alter your wedding dress to get the look that you want to make your day as perfect as you wished for, at a fraction of the cost and saving you from buying another dress!

Dress Designs

Do you have your own idea as to what style of dress you would like to wear, or even how you would like your bridesmaids to be dressed and cant find it anywhere? I can offer you advice and design services to create your own unique dresses, starting from the design stage to choosing your colours and materials to the finished product, often at a lesser price than you would fnd in department stores.

Oversized garments

Recently slimmed down? Why not have your favourite items altered to fit you at a fraction of the cost of what you paid?  


Do you have any garments that do not fit as they are supposed to and can do with a slight tweaking to make them more flattering. Our prices are kept low as we work from home and we believe in having affordable repeat custom rather than expensive one-off visits.